Quality & Lean Manufacturing

Stewart EFI is dedicated to exceeding customer requirements. By working smarter, striving for continuous improvement and remaining disciplined in our approach in all we do, we strive to achieve this goal.

To ensure total product quality and reduce variation, the overriding company objective is to make each product correct from the start. To meet this goal, we utilize advanced quality planning techniques, SPC, in-die sensing, and robust designs for tooling and processes. We also design our own unique variable gauges to support the company's SPC program. By practicing on-going lean manufacturing, 5S and quantitative goals and measurement programs, and by working closely with quality-driven suppliers, we ensure our quality, cost, delivery and service levels continue to improve. For safety critical components we offer 100% inspection of multiple characteristics utilizing mechanical, vision, electrical and eddy current systems.

Our commitment to quality, a zero-defect goal, continuous improvement and SPC programs pay off handsomely for our customers. By increasing customer product reliability and cutting total manufacturing costs, we've earned customer recognition and numerous testimonial awards as well as an enviable reputation in the marketplace.

All of our facilities are IATF 16949: 2015 Registered.

Lean Manufacturing

To provide the market with world-class cost, quality and delivery, Stewart EFI challenges our employees to improve our business processes and system.

Under the guidance of our Plant Managers, self-directed teams work to remove waste and enhance performance. These teams utilize Six Sigma / Lean Manufacturing tools such as 5S, Value Stream and Process Mapping, Cause & Effect Analysis, DOE Techniques and Pareto Analysis to define “True Root Cause” and identify key areas of improvement in our processes.

Our teams work on a variety of programs such as Setup Reduction Time, Lean Process & Material Flow for plant layout, Strategic Inventory Management, Department Consolidation, Cell Manufacturing and Material Waste Reduction. Stewart EFI’s continuous improvement program dates back to 1990’s and has continually grown to meet customer needs and expectations.

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