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Electronic and Electrical Markets

The Electrical and Electronics marketplace(s) offer extraordinary opportunity for a company with the diverse manufacturing processes of Stewart EFI. We are an industry leader in supporting these markets with components and assemblies. Stewart EFI has participated in these business sectors for over 70 years.

Components produced from our high precision deep draw, progressive stamping and slide formed equipment offer our customer’s “one stop shopping” for parts that are generally only available thru multiple sources. Additionally, Stewart EFI has designed machines whose specialty is custom wire forming and wire to metal assembly. In all, Stewart EFI has a process available for producing most electrical and electronic component applications.

The components we presently provide find their way into a wide variety of applications. Components evolve from wire and metal strip to contacts and terminals. They become capacitors, fuses, rectifiers, thermistors and resistors; they become circuit breakers, connectors, relays, sensors, solenoids, switches and motors. Eventually, our parts will heavily impact not only the consumer’s daily life but also numerous commercial and industrial applications.

Stewart EFI is looking for challenges and wants to work with businesses that need strong design, development and ongoing engineering support. We will help you to drive down costs, improve your product and in the end, enable you to meet your operating objectives.

Stewart EFI, your partner for precision electronic and electrical components.

  Electronic Markets
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